Whenever i grew up in a little village in the south of the Nieuwkoop, netherlands, Eindhoven was my main big city. 20 mins by car (or 50 by bus) and you could be right in the city centre. It naturally has become the place where my friends and I would go shopping, watch the latest pictures in the cinema and hang around drinking energy drinks like all moody teenagers do. It’s a city close to my favorite heart but sadly, its potential is often overlooked by way of tourists who are visiting the Netherlands. HELLO, there is more to the present country than Amsterdam! As Eindhoven is basically my hometown, I’ve taken it upon myself to become a bit of a strong advocate for the city – to show the world what this kind of city has to offer. That’s why I’m sharing my favourite requirements in Eindhoven in this local travel guide!

Is Eindhoven worth visiting?

Even though the city is often missed by travellers, Eindhoven bursts with energy and creativity! It may not are the most popular destination to visit in the Netherlands, but it’s active, exciting and filled with tons of quirky places to explore. Furthermore, it’s a LOT cheaper compared to cities like Amsterdam together with Utrecht!

Being the design capital of the Netherlands, Eindhoven has its own stunning pieces of architecture and is home to the annual Nederlander Design Week. The city is definitely growing more popular and has go to attract more and more independent shops, cafes and unique online businesses. Rather than diving into very touristy cities like Amsterdam, Eindhoven gives you a glimpse of the real Dutch diet and lifestyle.

Eindhoven is also home to the famous Dutch football party PSV. I’m personally not really into football, but owning moved from Eindhoven to Manchester, I’m kinda required to know a little bit about the sport. As I’m not exceptionally knowledgable (or passionate) about the topic, I’m not visiting too much football detail – but make sure to visit the PSV museum and stadium when in Eindhoven if you’re a fan!

Learn how to get to Eindhoven?
By plane: Eindhoven Airport is the following largest airport in the Netherlands, and it seems to always be extending! When visiting the Netherlands, I usually fly to Eindhoven. Even though it has nowhere near as big as Amsterdam Airport, it still functions well over 1 . 6 million passengers yearly! Many spending plan airlines fly to Eindhoven, which is another win : I can usually get flights for as little as £15!

Outside the airport you can find the bus stop. Bus 300 or 401 takes you to Eindhoven Central within 15 minutes. You can buy a ticket on the bus or inside the flight terminal.

By train: Visiting Eindhoven by train is not hard, as the main station is located right inside the city core. From Amsterdam, it takes approximately 1 hour and 20 short minutes and a single ticket costs €20-€22. You can buy tickets internet through Trainline or buy a ticket at the service children’s desk at any train station in the Netherlands. Because Eindhoven isn’t a tremendous city, you can easily spend one day in Eindhoven and see many of the highlights.

Worried about train travel in the Netherlands? I’ve penned a complete guide on how to buy tickets, how to use them and where to get discounts in this Dutch Train Travel Guide.

Way of life in Eindhoven
Now, let’s get into the best things to do around Eindhoven. Being crowned the design capital of the Netherlands as well as hometown of Philips, Eindhoven has quite a rich track record. A lot of that history is still seen today. Nowadays, Eindhoven is filled with even more innovation, design, and creativity! Get more info about www.vreemdineindhoven.nl