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Less warm temperatures, closed quarters, and the start of the cold and a cold season can put a damper on one’s body’s immune system. Factor in the added stress of the holiday hustle and bustle and getting suffering is like a wintertime rite of passage. Instead of going down trap to winter’s wellness woes, optimizing your capability fend off seasonal bugs can be done with a well-stocked immune “arsenal”. The following products are our favorite staples that keep us truck along all winter long.


What it Is: Echinacea is a family of plants which are related to the common daisy. Often called “coneflower”, Echinacea is native to North America and its root, leaves, and flowers have been used for hundreds of years by native Indian tribes for therapeutic purposes. As one of the most popular otc herbal remedies, Echinacea offers up a variety of health promoting rewards. From supporting the immune system, counteracting inflammation, and even improving state of mind, Echinacea is popular for good reason!
How it Works: Each types of Echinacea has an array of bioactive compounds, all of which have differing effects on human health. Use of Echinacea purpurea actual has been shown to increase activity of dendritic cells, immune solar cells that help recognize foreign molecules and trigger the immune system to relinquish an “attack” (1). In addition , its alkamides have been shown to increase communications between macrophages (the “pac-men” of our body that help gobble up dead cells and foreign substance) and natural killer cells (which recruit other white blood cells and help clear up infections) that assist to disrupt the cell walls of certain fungus infection and viruses. Use of Echinacea at the initiation of the common cold may help reduce the severity, as well as shorten their duration, having a anti-inflammatory effects being of particular benefit to the galerie and lungs (2).

Recommended Product: Inclusive of the root, departs, and flowers of the Echinacea plant, Herb Pharm Turbo Echinacea liquid tincture is great for those looking for a quick-absorbing immune system MSM Schwefel supplement without the need to swallow (another) pill.


Actually Is: Elderberries are the tart, richly-hued berries of the sambucus shrub, a plant native to parts of Europe, Indonesia, North Africa, and America. Used for millennia in both common and folk medicine, Elderberries and their leaves are used to generate formulations that span from liquid to capsule. Containing more a variety of phytochemicals, Elderberries or “sambucus” help to promote your overal wellness, but are especially beneficial for the immune system.

How it Works: As a vibrant source of anthocyanins, Elderberries help to stimulate specific white white blood cells that are responsible for breaking down harmful pathogens. These same compounds are already shown to halt the replication of certain strains in the flu virus, as well as decrease the duration and severity connected with cold/flu symptoms (3).

Recommended Product: Providing a standardized medication dosage of organic black Elderberry, LuckyEats Organic Black Elderberry Liquid is our go-to medicine cabinet staple if the tickles in our throat hit.


What it Will be: While mushrooms are commonly associated with culinary preparations, medicinal mushrooms are specialized species of fungi that have therapeutic effects. Used in thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, numerous varieties of mushrooms just like Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tale, and Lions Mane, are actually shown to offer a wide array of health-benefiting properties. From elevating brain power, improving energy, to nourishing the adrenal péripétie, medicinal mushrooms also have the uncanny ability to bolster immune system and fight inflammation.

How it Works: There are various compounds obtained in medicinal mushrooms that emit immune-modulating effects. Complex carbs, known as “polysaccharides” found in species such as Reishi and Ultra lean beef Tail mushrooms have been shown to decrease immune system hyperactivity, rocking the two “arms” of the immune system and decreasing levels of inflamed molecules known as “cytokines”(4). Reishi mushrooms contain a compound also known as “ergosterol” which has both antifungal and antimicrobial properties, in combination with triterpenes, which improve blood flow and circulation of resistant cells to sites of infection. Tinctures of Cordyceps mushrooms have also been used for generalized weakness, and help provide all-around health restorative properties (5).

Recommended Product: Offered up in your handy portable spray, Host Defense Mycoshield Immunity Service Throat Spray blends up four types of medicinal mushrooms for on-the-go immune support.


What it Is: Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that populate certain regions of our digestive tract, assisting in the breakdown of food, production with certain nutrients such as vitamin K and B12, and also protection against pathogens. There are seven “core” genera of micro organism that are considered “probiotics”, all of which have an array of health-promoting positive aspects, and can be sourced from both foods and supplements

How it Works: With over 70% of the immune system housed inside the gut, the balance of ones’ beneficial bacteria might greatly influence your propensity for getting sick. Probiotics assist with modulate receptors in the gut that dictate the performance of immune cells, including the B-cells, T-cells, macrophages, along with dendritic cells. These cells play a vital role in the immune system and help protect us from viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeasts, and other unwanted pathogens. Probiotics also help regulate the exact structural integrity of the gut wall, whose permeability enables for the “leaking-out” of bacteria and pathogens into systemic circulation. Additionally , the use of probiotics has been shown to decrease risk for drug resistance, and their consistent use has been shown to decrease both virus-like and bacterial infection susceptibility, as well as speed up recovery times (7).

Recommended Product: Containing 34 different strains and 95 billion colony forming units per serving, Garden With Life Ultimate Care probiotics are our go-to as soon as the cold and flu season strike. If you’re seeking a strong all-in-one blend that is inclusive of clinically-backed strains of bacteria in addition to prebiotic plant extracts, this will be your favorite new health and fitness shield.


What it Is: A major water-soluble vitamins and antioxidant, vitamin C is responsible for an array of processes within the body. From supporting the production of collagen, assisting the absorption for iron, and fending off the harmful effects of free foncier, vitamin C must be replenished on a daily basis since whatever will not be used is flushed out via bodily excretions (8).

How it Works: When it comes to supporting the immune system, vitamin C is usually a “rockstar” nutrient, assisting with the maturation and proliferation about both B and T white blood cells. B tissues support the production of antibodies, which act like our immune “memory” system and enable our body to release attacks on pathogens. T-cells help defend us against viruses, parasites, and germs already existing in our body. In addition , vitamin C can help macrophages (those “pac-men” of our immune systems) gobble in place pathogens, and has been shown to decrease the prevalence and life long upper respiratory infections (9).

Recommended Product: Dr . Mercola Liposonal Vitamin C offers 1000 mg. of tremendously absorbable vitamin C per serving. This liposomal mixture optimizes its antioxidant potential and effectiveness.


What it Is: As one of the 24 essential micronutrients necessary for individuals health, this fat-soluble vitamin can be produced inside the human body system from cholesterol when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Around nature, Vitamin D exists in two forms, nutritional D2 (Ergocalciferol), of which can be found in certain plants and prepared foods, and vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) which is found in animal-based foods like dairy, eggs, and fish (10).

The best way it Works: While vitamin D is more commonly associated with structure health, research has shown that it has an incredible impact on many areas of human health, including cognition, inflammation, cardiovascular well being, and immunity. When it comes to immunity, vitamin D has been shown that will modulate both the innate and adaptive “arms” of the defense mechanisms. It helps do so by inhibiting overactivity, while promoting adequate surveillance of harmful/damaged cells. It has also been shown to develop frequency and duration of upper respiratory conditions, and decreases the reality for developing them in the first place (11)!

Recommended Product: Solaray Vitamin D3 & K2 provides 5000 IU’s on the active form of Vitamin D in a budget-friendly, easy-to-swallow vegcap. With added K2, calcium, and phosphorus, this one-a-day vitamin D provides 1, 250% of the RDA pertaining to vitamin D in a healthy adult.


What it Is usually: Zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral during the human body, being found to some degree in every tissue and penis. As a major constituent to over 50 catalytic enzymes by the body processes, Zinc plays a role in maintaining gastrointestinal, cognitive, immune, reproductive, skin tone, and skeletal health (12).
How it Works: Due to its electric powered charge, Zinc has the exceptional ability to interfere with certain process that enable viruses to replicate. It is especially useful in the nasal passages, where it helps to decrease the deposits of bacteria and mucus. Studies have found that quick administration of zinc helps to decrease the length of time, as well as degree of cold-related symptoms. It also works as an antioxidant, counteracting the inflammatory effects of free radicals and pathogens, though promoting the regeneration of tissues, including the mucus membranes (13).
Recommended Product: Elderberry with Vitamin C plus Zinc Berry Blast Gummies by Doctor’s Best supply a dynamic trio of daily immune-bolstering supplements within the delicious gummy form.