Are you sick of setting up a VPN on all your devices and linking them one by you? Can not it be wonderful to safeguard every device on your house network with a single click?

Nowadays, we’re excited to announce the most recent ExpressVPN router program. Redesigned from the bottom up, the new program sports enhanced functionality, a cleaner look, and each one the industry-leading qualities you’ve come to trust and love.

Ready to test out it? Here is a sneak peek.

Redesigned user interface

What is the purpose of getting the ideal VPN around if you can not find or utilize its attributes? The ExpressVPN router program has gone through a complete makeover, which makes it much easier to locate exactly what you want.

Here’s a Fast tour of your redesigned modem port:

  • Dashboard: Connect to the VPN, swap places, and control that devices are routed via the VPN
  • VPN Options: Configure your ExpressVPN protocol and accounts configurations
  • Network Settings: Change your Wi-Fi namepassword, and net connection settings
  • Advanced Settings: Update, back up, and restore your router firmware, and configure your own DDNS and Port Forwarding settings

Improved connection reliability

The new router program hasn’t only been made to appear prettier, but it is also designed to make getting connected a cinch. A spiffy new link algorithm allows you reach”Connect” and protected all your devices within minutes.

As soon as you’re connected, appreciate the blazing speeds you have come to rely on. The program runs on hardware devices which provide VPN speeds up to 30Mbps, so if you are streaming your favourite display or pwning noobs online, you are ensured best-in-class rates constantly.

Try out the brand new ExpressVPN program for routers

What exactly are you waiting for? If you are already using ExpressVPN for routers, then get the Most Recent and greatest upgrade in three measures:

  • Sign into your accounts
  • Hit on the green”Set Up ExpressVPN” button
  • Download the newest firmware to your router

And in case you haven’t yet found the ease of having each device on your house protected from the origin, have a look at our listing of compatible router versions . You can also purchase a VPN router using ExpressVPN pre-installed.

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