If you are making an informed decision about a wireless home security system, GE home security systems should be on your list to check out.

Full Disclosure

Let me declare right up front that I’m not a GE rep none do I represent any home security system supplier. I do not produce any money buying or selling GE products. I’m a homeowner — likely just like you — who wants to figure out what sorts of products GE offers. I want to know the names that they’re sold under or any the features and benefits. After that, I can make an informed conclusion about the best solution for me and my family.

Now, in buying a home security system, it may be that you will have no choice — you’ll need to go cellular. Perhaps your home is not well suited to running hardwiring, or you want a system that you can install yourself quickly and easily. GE mobile dallas home security are available to help you achieve that goal.

One very popular options are the GE Simon 3 Wireless Home Security System.


It has an advanced technology in a simple console design. It can be smaller and more attractive than a lot of units that came previous to it. And it’s made by General Electric, so you can’t not work out there.

The GE Simon 3 wireless home security system is often a self-contained unit made up of (but not limited to):

  • Light control center with a keypad
  • Control unit
  • Sounder as well as siren
  • It is also expandable, using a complete selection of add-on units that give you a lot of useful functionality.


For example , when your kids are old enough to come and go to and from school by themselves, the GE wireless home security system has a latchkey attribute which allows you to check, remotely, whether your children have got here home at the appropriate time.

Another benefit of the GE Peter 3 wireless home security system comes in the way it handles a residence intrusion. If an intrusion occurs (or any other problem is known to be by one of the sensors), the system can dial up to several different phone numbers. Not only that — once you pick up the call, the training course will actually talk to you with a synthesized voice and reveal the problem. This gives you the option of making a decision about what to do future — including disarming and controlling the system over the cellphone. Or, if you have one of the wireless remotes that is available, you can use often the remote control to disarm the system.

The GE Simon 3 wireless home security system can even be programmed to call your security and safety monitoring company as well (including a backup number just with case).

Some other features of the GE Simon 3 wireless network home security system include:

  • The ability to monitor up to 24 zones wirelessly (including the capability to make two of these hardwired).
  • It works with a two-way radio frequency talking touchpad as well as a hand-held radio frequency touchpad and keychain touchpad.
  • When you are computer programming the GE Simon 3 wireless home security system, it will work with voice cues that support fast and simple programming.
  • It contains a new 24 hour backup battery
  • … and much more.
  • And best of all, perhaps, is the system is simple enough for you to do-it-yourself.

The GE Simon three wireless home security system is widely available for purchase online or for the local home improvement center or home electronics superstore. Selling prices start at right around $200 and some systems will even place in a year’s worth of alarm monitoring — without cost.


Again, I am not a GE representative, nor does someone make any money by recommending their products. I’m just telling that GE offers a complete line of excellent home security system solutions that you should consider when making an informed decision about the safety and security on your family and/or business.