If handled poorly, picking a ring can turn into an ordeal; time consuming, costly and stressful. Nonetheless, it’s something which many guys must go through sooner or later. So how can you be certain you don’t get it wrong?

It is not likely you will have a great deal of experience to fall back on. For many guys, their participation is their first foray into the world of jewelry shopping, and nearly none would have left such a significant investment. So how can you find a deal which will leave both you and your fiancée grinning?

A clear starting point would be to take into account how much you really would like to invest. Traditionally, men are anticipated to function with between one and two weeks wages. However, this figure is completely arbitrary. For decades, De Beers had a near stranglehold on the diamond company, as well as their advertising people relentlessly invited men to shell out as far as possible on engagement 鑽石淨度.

Nowadays, customers are clued up, and so are usually confident enough to constitute their minds about just how much they would like to invest. The brief answer is that you ought to spend as much as you believe you can realistically manage – it is definitely not worth putting yourself into financial issues as you’re feeling under pressure to devote a particular quantity.

As soon as you’ve settled on a budget, then the next point is to be certain to receive the very best ring to the wealth. That is where things can start to get tricky. What type should you choose? Most contemporary engagement rings are created out of a solitaire diamond. But would she like something more conservative, with a few smaller diamonds, or possibly a bunch? And exactly what metal should you pick?

Most engagement rings are made from white metals (platinum or eighteen carat white gold), but maybe she may want yellow gold or perhaps rose gold. Any information you’ve got about her taste in jewelry is priceless. Have you got access to whatever else she’s purchased, or does she have a friend you can trust to inform you?

If you truly don’t know where to begin, you will find a still a few choices available to you. Primarily, some jewellers will be well prepared to give you a market. If she does not like the ring that you opt for her, then they will swap it for a different one of similar price. Ensure that you talk about this with all the jeweller first however, as not all of us have the very same returns policy. As an alternative, you may opt to purchase a loose diamond, which you are able to present to her in the moment you become engaged. Then the both of you can go shopping and she is able to choose a ring to place it in.

Whichever solution you go for, the greatest single choice you’ll need to make is within your selection of diamond. This is where the majority of your budget is going to be invested, and it’s easy to waste a good deal of cash if you are not careful.

The very first issue to be certain of is that you’re working with a respectable retailer. They ought to be prepared that you analyze their rings beneath a jewellers loupe, and ought to be happy to answer any technical issues that you may have. You may wish to think about just purchasing a diamond which is included with separate certification from a recognized lab. If a specific stone has not been certified individually, your jeweller shouldn’t have any objection for you getting it certified in your cost before committing to buy (the price varies based on how big the rock, but isn’t restrictive ).

So assuming that you’ve discovered a shopper you’re familiar with, how can you opt for the best diamond to fit your budget? Now you’ll need to wade through a little technical jargon to be certain to have the best bargain. Diamonds are graded based on the 4Cs carat weight, color, clarity, and cut and it is the standards which determine the stones worth.

Carat Weight:

All other things being equal, the larger the diamond, the more precious it is. Traditionally, men frequently purchased one carat stones for engagement rings (a carat is 1 fifth of a gram), but nowadays the majority of people today purchase stones of less than a carat. Costs go up exponentially with dimension, and there’s a particularly sharp spike in the 1 carat mark. A fantastic excellent rock of under a carat might represent much better value for money.


Not many diamonds are totally white; many possess a hint of color in them. Colour is rated from D (the top, ideal white) down to Z (severely discoloured). You can do worse than concentrate on stone in the scope E-H. If you like a D, you’re very likely to be paying a premium to get a just discernible improvement. Any lesser than H and you’ll likely see a hint of yellow in the rock.


Most diamonds have little flaws or imperfections trapped within them, called inclusions. The larger, more fundamental, and more numerous are, the higher the diamonds clarity is believed to be. Clarity levels are IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1, I2, I3, in descending sequence. Stones rated I1 and under contain inclusions which are visible with the naked eye, needs to be avoided. In the top end of this scale, differences are extremely subtle, and may not be worth the additional price. Ideally, you’d aim for VS2 clarity, however when your budget is stretched you may look at falling to SI clarity without it being a large issue.


Jewellers may be speaking about more than 1 thing when they speak about a diamonds cut. It might be a reference to its proportions and symmetry – the greater these really are, the more efficiently the rock will reflect and refract light. A rock with a bad cut won’t glow almost and one having a fantastic cut. That is 1 place where it isn’t worth noting, you should not accept anything less than Good grades in this region, ideally Very Good. The expression cut may also be a reference to the rocks silhouette, while it is Round Brilliant, Princess, or any other fancy form. This is very much an issue of personal preference.

1 thing to remember though is the round brilliant cut was evolved over a long time to optimize a diamonds glow andeverything else being equal, will glow more than other reductions. That is not to say you shouldn’t opt for another shape in the event that you especially like it if you do not have a strong taste, then you wont go far wrong with a Round Brilliant Cut.